Safety and Emergency

School BusERMI assists schools in effectively completing the 3-year recurring requirement of conducting safety and security audits. This service provides another set of objective eyes for these audits and also helps with cross-pollinating best practices from district to district, in a confidential manner. All audits utilize the Texas School Safety Center format and can include the optional (but beneficial) Culture and Climate surveys, which can be compiled into meaningful and presentable summary tables for use with stakeholders. Edwards Risk Management, Inc., through conducting over 600 campus audits this last cycle, has the experience to assist districts through this useful, but tedious audit process.

StayALERTThe StayALERT Program is a twenty-four hour, bilingual voicemail and texting system. Callers are asked to leave any known information and the location of the incident. Messages are forwarded verbatim via email to the appropriate contact for the school. If the severity of the call warrants immediate attention, the school contact is notified by phone.

ERMI is committed to helping public entities recognize, evaluate, and control environmental-related risks. Edwards Environmental is listed with the Texas Department of Health for providing professional IAQ services. This service area includes mold and water intrusion assessments, development of remediation protocols, and professional services to improve the indoor environmental quality. Additional support services include evaluation of chemical storage and laboratory practices and evaluation of HazCom programs.

As a Texas DPS licensed investigations company, ERMI can provide special investigation services to meet client needs in the area of suspected fraudulent claims or for incident documentation, as needed. Additionally, we can help you in investigation management and oversight.

Each professional employee receives a safety communication piece to reinforce safety and safe behaviors to help achieve accident prevention in this large group of employees. This year, a specific safety and wellness thematic calendar was produced and distributed as a means to promote these concepts in this large population of employees.