Education and Training

Playground SafetyERMI offers training to auxiliary employees to help them understand, identify, and avoid not only on-the-job injuries, but also off-the-job injuries and illness that result in employee absenteeism. A training theme is developed each year, and training sessions are offered during the year. Training topics include Safety Awareness, Attitudes and Mindsets; Slip, Trip, and Fall Prevention; Proper Lifting; Ladder Safety; Emergency Procedures; Safely Working in Hot Environments; Laboratory Safety Practices and Timely Reporting of Accidents.

Property casualty loss prevention site visits are periodically conducted to review operations, policies, procedures, and premises in an effort to identify conditions that could lead to an accidental loss and to offer suggestions for reducing or eliminating those conditions.

Bus and White Fleet driver safety is critical to the safety and well-being of school districts and all school stakeholders (employees, parents, and students). ERMI offers both driver awareness safety trainings as well as safe driver recognition and incentive programs for school bus drivers.

  • Recognition Programs Bus drivers are evaluated on safe driving habits and records in order to recognize their accomplishments in achieving the established goals. Additionally, district and state-wide driving excellence is rewarded, via the Bus Driver of the Year program. Supervisors and peers have direct input into the driver recognition program. Drivers who meet goals are recognized with incentive awards and prizes.
  • Driver Training Program Safety awareness is stressed, and specific driver improvement techniques are conveyed in an interactive and fun training environment. All attendees receive an attendance appreciation gift. Past training emphasis has focused on distracted driving prevention and what each driver should do before he/she turns the key. All district employees who drive for the district are encouraged to attend these sessions.


Through the Workers' Compensation Programs, ERMI provides personal protective equipment as needed and requested. For example, slip-resistant footwear is provided to all auxiliary employees in an effort to help prevent slips, trips and falls.

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On-site services are conducted by our Loss Prevention Specialists. When such a service is provided, our staff evaluates the loss causes and assists our client managers in developing measures to help prevent similar accidents.

Each professional employee receives a safety communication piece to reinforce safety and safe behaviors to help achieve accident prevention in this large group of employees. For example, a specific safety and wellness thematic calendar was produced and distributed as a means to promote these concepts in this large population of employees.

ERMI has developed a model Return to Work program for client use. This program provides key resources to customize and effectively communicate a Return to Work program at your district. Materials include doctor communications, employee communications samples, and program management tools and resources. Employee communication model documents are available in both English and Spanish.

Newsletters and email tips are provided by ERMI to assist in your employee safety communications program. A free loaner program for fleet safety and general safety videos are available to the transportation department and all auxiliary departments.