Edwards Environmental

Edwards Environmental provides a full range of industrial hygiene (I.H.) and indoor air quality (IAQ) services to public and private entities. We maintain a certified industrial hygienist as well as a State of Texas licensed Mold Assessment Consultant. We also support client due diligence by conducting Phase I Environmental Site Assessments, in accordance with EPA’s standard of “all appropriate inquiry.” We can support evaluation of existing or planned environmentally sensitive operations to reduce risk.

EnvironmentERMI can evaluate occupational employee exposures to a broad range of chemical substances, noise, harmful physical agents and radon. ERMI has a certified industrial hygienist on staff to assist you with evaluating employee exposures and in the design of control measures to improve chemical, dust, ergonomic and noise exposures in the workplace.

All I.H. assessments follow the recognized strategy of anticipating and recognizing hazards; evaluating these hazards, and then focusing on control strategies to eliminate or reduce worker/occupant exposures.

Follow State criteria and include best practices to determine environmental air quality and provide recommendations for controls.

Our State licensed Mold Assessment Consultant can develop Mold Assessment and remediation Protocols in support of mold remediation projects when needed.

Additionally, training programs can be developed and tailored to your workplace to help educate employees on appropriate procedures and safeguards. We can assist with designing and implementing  engineering and administrative controls to reduce exposures. Hazard Communication programs can be developed to help communicate OSHA and specific Texas requirements. Safe laboratory training programs are also available. Facility site inspections can be conducted to evaluate safety and health features with an eye toward improvement and compliance. Environmental risk assessments are also available to promote a safer environment and reduce operational exposure to a potential environmental mishap.

Where no specific rules exist, we ascribe to a best practices approach to minimize environmental mishaps and help safeguard operations and most importantly, people.

Please Contact Us to discuss your specific needs and develop a programmatic solution that’s right for your organization.