Kim Edwards

Sr. Vice President,

Kim has dedicated the last 30 years to serving the public sector through innovative, hands-on risk management programs. Her background has focused primarily on workers’ compensation, but also includes experience in unemployment compensation data analysis and group health care. Kim developed the workers’ compensation third party claims administration unit in 1992 and has continually managed the TPA business, overseeing daily operations of the department since inception. With a team of dedicated professionals (including four bilingual staff), the workers’ compensation claims department considers it an honor and privilege to serve political subdivisions across the State. Kim strongly believes in the importance of handling claims with a conscience and with a continued focus on preserving public tax dollars. The motto she has always instilled in her staff: Doing what’s right is not always easy, but it’s always right!

Married to Rick for over 30 years and blessed with two sons (now amazing young men), family is indeed precious. Kim enjoys spending time with her family whether it be hitting the ski slopes, the lake, the tennis courts, fly-fishing or just gathering around the fire pit and soaking up the beauty of God’s creation.

Kim’s passion for service extends beyond the office. When not at work or other family functions, she is likely found at church or serving in her local Emmaus community where she remains highly involved in music ministry. WHY do we serve? Our passion is simple… whether work or personal, everything we do is about improving life for those around us and those to follow in our footsteps. We strive for excellence in all we do, hoping to inspire others to do the same. The words penned by Nichole Nordeman in her beautiful song entitled Legacy sum it up well: “It’s not about being well-traveled, well-read, well-to-do or well bred. I just want to hear ‘well done’, good and faithful one.”