We are all well aware of the COVID-19 pandemic and the challenges it is posing in our daily lives (personally and professionally). We at Edwards Risk Management / Edwards Claims Administration are committed to keeping our office open to serve you and your employees unless we deem the health of our staff is at risk. We are however suspending all non-essential travel for staff. This impacts training sessions and client visits.

While we know all school districts have been ordered for closure through at least April 3rd, we also know that many are equipping staff/students for e-learning and continuation of the education process. As such, you may have employees working remotely or in reduced numbers within your facilities. If you have departments/employees that are/start working prior to April 3rd, please let your adjuster at Edwards Claims Administration know as soon as possible.

Some clients have already inquired about employees working remotely and workers’ compensation. If you have employees alleging/reporting an injury while working at home, please submit that claim to Edwards Claims Administration as soon as possible. Such claims will be investigated just as they would be for on-site injuries. If you believe an employee was exposed to COVID-19 in the course and scope of their work, please report that exposure to Edwards Claims Administration immediately! Each claim will be investigated on a case by case basis.

We would urge you and your employees to make use of telemedicine options as much as possible, whether for personal health reasons or worker’s compensation appointments. We do have a telemedicine option available to your employees for workers’ compensation claims. For more information, please contact Kim Edwards at 800.575.2657 or

We also encourage you to pass on recommendations to your staff from the Center of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO):

Links for updates on COVID-19: Centers of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC):

World Health Organization (WHO):

These are indeed uncharted waters and challenging times. If there is anything our staff may do to assist you, please don’t hesitate to reach out. We wish you and your families wellness and safety always!