Emergency Management Services

School Police Officer WebREMS: Readiness and Emergency Management Services – for Schools

We believe that: students, teachers, administrators, and staff cannot reach their full potential without a safe and secure learning environment, and that all school stakeholders benefit from safe and secure schools.

What is REMS?

Readiness and emergency management for schools is an emerging arena with specific state-mandated rules and expectations. Many district administrators faced with these rules and expectations lack the specific time and expertise to navigate these waters. The REMS team at Edwards Risk Management specializes in readiness services for schools and can help move school districts down this critical path in a timely, effective manner. We are committed to do so. Our process include two key services, below:

02 Loss Prevention CalloutERMI via the REMS team has developed an efficient and effective process for helping public school districts and junior colleges through the tedious process of meeting the State of Texas-mandated safety and security audits. We bring our experiences, specialties and commitment to delivering a quality audit product.  REMS;

  • Has served many school districts in each of the prior S&S audit cycles (since the inception of the state audit process in  2006).
  • Provides a multi-disciplined team of experienced auditors for the field work.
  • Develops specific recommendations to facilitate schools and colleges improving safety & security.
  • Additionally, commendations (items/activities the district, school, facility is doing well) are identified and documented.
  • Utilizes the audit model developed and provided by the Texas School Safety Center for consistency and for basic compliance with state rules.
  • Audit Plus services are also available that allow a school district/junior college to “go deeper” in an audit process, as desired.
  • Develops and delivers a confidential report by each school, satellite campus and support facility.
  • Issues a useful management level executive summary that pulls all the various facilities and policy reviews and findings together in a concise report.

The REMS team within Edwards Risk Management, Inc. has developed and launched the straightforward, easy-to-use Emergency Operations Plan development tool we call E-REMS. This tool provides school a turnkey experience in building out state-compliant emergency operations plans for administration level as well as for each campus and support facility. By using the E-REMS tool and our team of experts, we build out the plans in a secure platform.

Key district personnel assist by providing critical information that we format and enter to flesh out these resources that address the 4 phases of emergency management as adopted by Texas DEM and the TSSC. The key contact facilitates the gathering of information in our suggested formats, and then completes a review of the final formatted information for completeness and accuracy. We support training of the end product via webinar-based instruction, stepping the end-user(s) through his/her newly built plan resources, by facility. 

The E-REMS plans are all hazards based, and meet NIMS/ICS criteria.